Fever Make-Up FX UV White Contact Lenses.


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These Fever UV White contact lenses are styled to bring our a feline cat effect on the eyes and are perfect for costumes involving cats or other animals.

UV White Contact lenses are a cosmetic fashion accessory for the eyes. It is recommended for ages 16 years and over.

Instructions for use:

1. Place one eye accessory on your index finger and check that it is clean and not inside out (ensure that it has a nautural bowl like shape).

2. Hold your upper eyelid open with your left hand index finger and middle finger; at the same time hold your lower eyelid open.

3. Looking straight at your eye in a mirror, slowly and gently place the accessory on your eye.

4. Carefully release your eyelids and blink 3 times. You can gently massage your eyelid to centre the accessory.

5. When you are sure that it is correctly inserted, repeat the procedure for the other eye.

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